Pregnancy Tips

The Best Tips For The First Month Of Pregnancy

Are you pregnant with your first child? We show you the best tips for first-time pregnant women. They are a series of changes that you must apply in your day to day, from the first month of pregnancy, in terms of food, rest and medical checks. Take note!

Make An Appointment At The Gynecologist

If you have discovered that you are expecting a baby through a pregnancy test, the next step is to go to your gynecologist to confirm the good news. Through a blood test and an ultrasound, the doctor will be able to detect your pregnancy and, depending on the last menstruation, you will be able to know approximately how much you are. This first appointment is very important, the doctor will prescribe some essential vitamins and food supplements for pregnancy and will inform you of the tests that you will perform at each stage. In addition, the gynecologist needs to know your medical and family history to determine if you need any special treatment.

This last test consists of an analysis that measures the biochemical values ​​of the mother’s blood and its result is combined with an ultrasound. It allows to confirm the weeks of gestation and the possible date of delivery, the number of fetuses, the state of the nuchal fold, the nasal bone or possible malformations. It is in this period that the doctor evaluates whether it is necessary to do the Amniocentesis or non-invasive prenatal test. It is the specialist who will guide you in each step you take.

Bet On Healthy Habits

You should also not smoke because it is harmful to the mother and the baby. These babies are born with the lowest weight and there is a higher risk of complications, such as prematurity or abortion. Drugs are also prohibited, because they can produce alterations in its development and malformations in the fetus. Finally, if you take any medication for a chronic illness, you should consult your doctor, so that he can provide you with the instructions you should follow.

Hormonal Changes

During the first weeks of gestation is when hormonal changes are most marked because the body is changing to adapt to this new state. It is, therefore, quite common to suffer sudden changes in attitude reflecting nervousness, stress and even sadness. It is not always necessary to worry that they occur on time, but in case of doubt it never hurts to consult with the gynecologist. Other hormonal discomforts that are usually experienced during these first days are the dreaded nausea that, generally, occurs first thing in the morning.

Rest More Than Usual

Changes in your body occur in a very accelerated way in pregnancy, so it is not surprising that you are more tired than normal. To counteract this feeling there is no other solution than rest. If you want to be able to continue with your daily routine, it is best that you modify your schedules a little and take advantage of most of your free time to rest. Try to increase the hours of sleep, reduce the time you dedicate to physical exercise and try other types of much gentler activities, such as yoga.

Start Shopping For Baby Items 

Doctors are always the ones who will guide you at each stage and will inform you of the steps to follow. Enjoy pregnancy from day one because it is a unique stage!